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For all your medical applications Unicad batteries provide superior dependability and performance.
Our complete range of medical batteries includes Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-ion
rechargeable battery packs. From portable equipment which needs complete reliability in emergencies
to hospital equipment that needs performance and prolonged life, Unicad is the choice of batteries
for life-saving devices.

Unicad’s battery technology provides powerful, long-lasting, lightweight energy sources ideal for portable medical applications.

We provide leading battery solutions for Defibrillators, ECG/EKG, Infusion pumps, Pulse oximeters, Patient monitors, Incubators, Wheelchairs, Telemetry systems, Blood analyzers, and pacemakers.


We provide cost-effective solutions to home medical equipment like Blood pressure monitors, Glucometers, Thermometers, Exercise equipment displays.


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To ensure complete safety and reliability, our battery packs are assembled with safety circuits

Please contact us for your custom specific battery packs.