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Unicad rechargeable batteries available in Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and
Lithium-ion technologies feature superior performance with high-energy, long-life and
lightweight for the latest portable electronic applications.


Unicad produces a comprehensive line of cordless phone replacement battery packs. These high-performance batteries combine features such as longer talk times, quick recharging and battery life up to 1,000 cycles.

Our batteries are ideal for wireless communications equipment such as cellular telephones, laptops, PDAs, pagers and other wireless devices.

Unicad high-rate batteries are proven-solutions for high-power transceivers sets, walkie-talkies, police and military radios, GPS devices.

For telecom centers, cellular base stations, switching and transmission equipment, remote microwave and optical networks, Unicad batteries provide continuous power and back-up against outages for security and reliability. Unicad NiCd and NiMH technologies provide powerful long-lasting and lightweight solutions that far outperform the performance of VRLA batteries.

Click here for a complete list of cordless telephone manufacturers.
To ensure complete safety and reliability, our battery packs are assembled with safety circuits



Cordless Phone Manufacturers

  • Airtouch (PacTel)
  • Alaron
  • A-Phone
  • AT&T
  • Audio-Sonic
  • Audio-Vox
  • Bellphone
  • Bell South
  • Carlton
  • Cobra
  • Code-A-Phone
  • Comdial
  • Conair
  • Cosmo
  • Elite
  • Emerson
  • Extend-A-Phone
  • Fanon
  • Freedom Phone
  • Gemini
  • General Electric
  • Gold Star
  • GTE
  • ITT
  • JVC
  • Key Phone
  • Key Service
  • Key Tronics
  • Kraco
  • MCE
  • Midland
  • Millenium
  • Motorolla
  • Mura
  • Nippon
  • Northwestern Bell
  • Radio Shack
  • Record-A-Call
  • Sanyo
  • Sony
  • Sound Design
  • Southwestern Bell
  • Teleconcepts
  • Telemate
  • Tele Power
  • Tropex
  • Uniden
  • Unisonic
  • Unitech
  • Universal
  • Walk & Talk
  • Webcor
  • Westin
  • Windsor
  • Panasonic